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Shower Enclosure Whether you are looking to spend for a luxurious shower enclosure or you’re limited by a tight budget, we can find a solution for your needs. When talking about enclosures, the box-type is always the first that springs to mind. It might surprise you to know that innovations have taken great leaps and strides since then.

There are several types of enclosures and they are classified by their opening and shape.

• There’s the bi-fold which splits in the middle and collapses on itself when you open it.
• There’s the semi-oval, which is also called the quadrant enclosure. These are best fitted for corner showers. To save space, the doors slide to open and close.
• There’s the sliding shower enclosure which can have both a single or double door option.
• There’s the pivot door enclosure which is anchored on a metal hinge mechanism and opens outwards. For obvious reasons, the bathroom must have ample space for the door to open towards.

Shower Enclosure Accessories While those are the basic types, there are a number of permutations when it comes to the custom shower enclosure. It is our experience that every customer has a personal preference that should be accommodated.

We have a wide list of products and accessories so you are guaranteed that we can be of service even when money is a big concern. If you already have a tub, for example, we can just install it over the tub so you can cut down on cost. In this case, we don’t have to design a plumbing supply and just attach it to your existing system.

And because we also offer fixtures and accessories, you don’t have to hop from one shop to another just so you can mix and match with the design of the shower enclosure. We can package a deal for you where we both end up satisfied.

Our shower door enclosure products come with a warranty in service and parts. Even then, we believe that a shop that relies on warranty is an inefficient shop. RK Living is fully invested in its vision to keep the customer happy at all cost, even at the risk of that customer not coming back because of a job well done.