Shower Door

Our showroom has a wide array of shower enclosure and sliding shower doors that is tailor-fitted to any lifestyle. Shower doors are a better alternative to shower curtains. While both has a similar goal to keep the water in, there’s no comparison in terms of the aesthetics and efficiency of glass to function as desired.

Shower enclosures are available in many different types, from frameless to framed, from aluminium to metal, from the traditional boxed to hexagonal or half-spherical, we can supply all your needs. The shower door is often designed from plexi-glass, clear or tempered glass. Of course, each of the material has their respective pros and cons.

Our skilled technicians will run you through the whole gamut of choices along with their distinct advantages and disadvantages. And although we can suggest several options based on our vast experience working with shower glass doors, we leave the final decision up to you.

We can install shower enclosure, sliding shower doors, tub shower doors, shower glass doors, frameless shower door, and frameless glass showers.
We also carry the different brands of bathroom accessories in line with our vision to become a one-stop shop for all your bathroom design or remodelling needs.

Come visit our showroom or browse our online catalogue so you can get a better feel of how we work and what our projected final output will be.
Even if our clientele is rapidly growing, it is our intention to remain a small operation in the sense that we always give our full attention to each of our customers. It’s the kind of attention we feel they deserve and that sets us apart from our competitors.

That is our promise and our pledge when installing a shower enclosure. Quality of products and unmatched service are the kinds of reputation that we want to be known for.